Our philosophy is that addiction is a disease. We provide medical detox that is client-centered, with a holistic approach, to those suffering from substance use disorders in the least restrictive and most effective level of care. We will adjust our approach to meet the needs present in each community we serve. In being part of the community, we advocate for the most operative, efficient, and economic treatment of each individual who is in need of our services. We will help individuals achieve recovery by creating hope and developing a treatment plan and aftercare plan that is supportive of long-term recovery.


The treatment methods practiced at Enlightened Solutions Detox include the following for ASAM Level III.7D level of care:

  • Medical Services
  • Group counseling sessions
  • Didactic counseling sessions
  • Individual counseling/Family Sessions
  • Introduction to self-help groups, peer recovery support
  • specialist, aftercare and alumni services
  • Discharge Planning
  • All Organic Food, nutritional education
  • Holistic and therapeutic interventions offered (e.g. yoga, Reiki, massage therapy, expressive/creative arts,and acupuncture).



To be enlightened by transforming the body, mind, and spirit for sustainable recovery and wellness.


To provide complete detoxification and integrated holistic services in a soothing environment. Individuals are encouraged to Continue their healing process in a continuum of care that is supportive of long-term recovery.



7 Changes of Clothes

Comfortable clothing for leisure.


Toiletries that do not contain alcohol.

Your Music

MP3 players & radios with headphones.


The unit is staffed with physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses who are available 24 hours a day to provide ongoing support. Each client will be assessed and placed on a designated detox protocol specific to their current substance use. They also will be provided with appropriate comfort medications for symptoms as they arise. A typical stay at Enlightened Solutions Detox on average is five to seven days or longer based on individual needs. Additional medical concerns will be addressed by physicians and nurse practitioners on site; and/or a referral to the appropriate medical or psychiatric provider will be made.



Enlightened Solutions accepts most out of network benefits. An Admissions Counselor will guide you through the screening process and discuss the eligibility of benefits with you. Once accepted into the Detox program an admissions counselor will schedule your intake appointment and answer all your questions about the Detox program. If benefits are not eligible an admissions counselor will discuss possible payment arrangements. If for any reason Enlightened Solutions Detox is not an appropriate fit, an admissions counselor will provide other treatment providers as a referral or link to an outreach coordinator for an outside referral.

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