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How to Help My Alcoholic Son

What to do if Your Son is an Alcoholic

Few things are harder than knowing something is wrong with a child and not being able to fix it. The realization usually comes slowly. Maybe it’s extreme mood changes, problems at school or work, or unexplained absences. If you have questions or you're looking for New Jersey alcoholic rehab, we can help.

How to Help My Alcoholic Son with Denial

The realization that alcohol has become a problem comes slowly to the addict and their loved ones. It’s easy to explain away the first signs, but they don’t go away. Alcohol use disorder is progressive, and it almost always comes with a process called denial.

Even after symptoms become obvious, it’s hard to accept the truth. Denial keeps alcoholics from seeking help, and it stops family and friends from confronting them. Secretive behavior and dishonesty play a major role in denial. Look for signs like these: defending alcohol use, being secretive, blaming situations or people, agreeing to get help but not following through, rationalizing, or saying someone else's problem is worse.

How to Help My Alcoholic Son but Not Enable Him

Enabling behavior is anything that makes it easier for the alcoholic to continue drinking. Giving him money, making excuses for his absences, or bailing him out of jail does nothing to discourage his habit. Express your concern and support, tell him how his actions affect everyone else, but let him suffer the consequences of drinking.

You don’t want to enable your son, but you don’t want him to feel worse about his drinking than he already does. When possible, set limits to avoid exposing him to negative peer pressure of unhelpful criticism. Encourage him to drop friends on social media who encourage drinking. It might even help to get him a new phone number to discourage unwanted contacts.

Set boundaries, stick to them, and don’t blame yourself. It’s tempting to react when events trigger your emotions, but you’ll get better results if you wait until you’ve calmed down to respond. As easy as it is to take broken promises personally, remember that it’s not about you. Alcohol abuse can change brain chemistry and make behavior erratic.

How to Help My Alcoholic Son - 4 Steps

Depending on your son's age and situation, there are steps you can take to make recovery possible. From medical detox to holistic rehab, you have many options to research. You can also ask for help:

  • Talk to people you trust, such as school counselors or medical doctors.

  • Ask a professional for advice.

  • Research treatment centers in your area.

  • Get help

If you're looking for New Jersey alcoholic rehab centers, Enlightened Solutions in Ocean County can help. Our holistic rehab and detox center programs address the roots of substance use disorder and encourage a balanced lifestyle. We combine counseling and medical care with holistic practices, such as yoga and equine therapy, to address the mind, body, and spirit.

Contact our team today to take the first step to recovery.

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