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Alcohol Addiction Risk Factors

What Risk Factors Lead to Alcohol Addiction?

The ads flash to the office party, and beautiful people mingle with drinks in hand. They drink beer during football games, blow off steam at the bar after work, and have cocktails before dinner. When does drinking become a problem? For some people, it never does. For others, it’s a slippery slope between social drinking and becoming dependent. Alcohol addiction risk factors, such as environment and genetics, make drinking more dangerous for some people than for others.

What Is an Alcoholic?

Researchers don’t know what causes alcohol use disorder, but they know drinking too much causes chemical changes in the brain. You feel good when you drink, and that makes you want to drink more. Gradually, you need more and more alcohol to get high, and you drink to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Some people with substance use disorder can function in their jobs and social lives while others lose control. It’s important to understand that this disorder is progressive and unhealthy, regardless of its stage of progression. Treatment is the same for all alcoholics, whether they're high functioning or living on the street.

Although alcohol affects all ages, it is the drug of choice for adolescents. Around 5,000 young people die from underage drinking every year. Besides the hundreds who die from accidents like drowning or falling, around 300 die from suicide, 1,600 from homicide, and 1,900 from vehicle accidents related to alcohol.

What Are the Alcohol Addiction Risk Factors?

Individuals have unique circumstances that determine their risk, and factors may interact to make substance use more or less likely. Here are some of the risks:

  • Having a parent who is an alcoholic
  • Having a mental health disorder
  • Age in Which a Person Starts Drinking
  • Living in an environment where alcohol is a part of life
  • Having a close relative with a substance use disorder
  • Having personality traits like impulsivity or hyperactivity
  • Having a history of child abuse
  • Having a limited education

Holistic Detox New Jersey

What is an alcoholic? An alcoholic is someone who becomes dependent on alcohol and can't stop even when it causes problems. If you or someone you love exhibits alcohol addiction risk factors, it's time to get help.

Detox can be difficult for alcoholics. Medical care and counseling are traditional ways to treat substance use disorder, but a new approach also incorporates alternative healing therapies, such as chiropractic, massage, and meditation. These programs look for the cause of the drinking, uncover layers of shame around the habit, and rebuild confidence and self-worth.

At Enlightened Solutions, we treat the whole person. Learn more about holistic detox New Jersey.

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