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New Jersey Anger Management

Managing Your Anger for a Better Life

When people think of mental health, they often think of diagnosable mental illnesses. It’s common to think that unless you have a diagnosed disorder like depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, or ADHD, you’re fine. The reality is that emotional regulation is a massive problem that many people struggle with, but they never seek help because they think it’s just part of who they are. Unfortunately, when it comes to managing anger, your anger can destroy relationships with the people you love, it can hinder your career, and it can even lead to substance abuse if you don’t get help. 

Why We Get Angry

Inherently, there’s nothing wrong with anger. Those who wish for a blissful existence that doesn’t include any types of negative emotions are hoping for something that won’t happen. Anger is much like stress and anxiety. In extreme doses, they can make your life highly unmanageable, but if we didn’t experience the emotions and feelings that come with anxiety, we wouldn’t know when to steer clear of danger. Anger is similar, and it’s an emotion we have that’s a call to action that something’s wrong. 

The source of anger can often be external, but sometimes it’s internal as well. Those who struggle with anger management issues often have an external locus of control, which means they see everything as a contributing source to their anger. Friends, family members, coworkers, employers, and even strangers all cause their anger. Sometimes, a person gets angry at themself for their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. While some people are able to let go of anger and return to equilibrium, others have anger that manifests into something else that makes life extremely difficult to manage.

The True Source of Anger

If you realize that your anger is causing problems in your relationships and life in general, it may be time to seek help. This is especially true for those who struggle with substance abuse issues. Many people don’t realize it, but one of the main reasons they drink or use is due to their anger. By receiving treatment, you can get down to the source of your anger. When you work with a therapist, you can begin doing some self-reflection to understand that your anger is rooted in past traumas or cognitive distortions that rule your thinking. Through various forms of therapy, you’ll learn to retrain the way you perceive situations and also learn how to improve your emotional regulation.

Creating a Better Future

Many people stay angry or don’t seek help because they figure nothing will get better. The reality is that you can not only heal yourself, but getting anger management help in New Jersey can help you heal your relationships. As you go through the therapeutic process, you’ll also learn effective ways to communicate with the people in your life. This will allow you to set boundaries without making situations worse. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to forgive yourself as well as the other people in your life. 

If you’re struggling with anger and substance abuse issues, Enlightened Solutions Detox can help. We’re a drug and alcohol detox facility that also offers therapy and rehabilitation, so give us a call today at 833-233-7336.

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