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Is Childhood Trauma Affecting Your Recovery?

Although we live in 2020, and there’s plenty of scientific evidence around the disease of addiction, there’s still a stigma. Many people believe that addiction is a choice, and while picking up the first drink or drug is a choice, we need to understand why people do it in the first place. For many people turning to substances, there’s an underlying trauma, and oftentimes, it stems from childhood. Many people turn to substances as a way to self-medicate childhood trauma, and this can evolve into an addiction. 

What is the ACEs Test?

The ACEs test is for Adverse Childhood Experience, and it’s a test used to gauge someone’s childhood trauma. What’s interesting is that this test was created while researching why people couldn’t maintain weight loss. In 1995, Kaiser Permanente did a study to understand why people were putting weight back on, and they found that oftentimes, it was linked to childhood trauma. For example, a woman who was sexually assaulted as a child would unconsciously put on weight as a way to deter men from noticing her. 

Today, the ACEs test is used in a variety of ways, and one of them is to get down to the root causes of addiction. The test asks questions about physical, verbal, and sexual abuse during childhood. It also aims to find out if you were neglected as a child or if your parents struggled with substance abuse disorders while you were growing up. Over the years of studying the ACEs test, they’ve found that people with higher ACEs scores are more likely to abuse substances. So, it’s important to understand that those struggling with addiction have underlying issues that must be resolved in order to achieve long-term recovery. 

You Have to Feel to Heal

Even if your trauma happened decades ago, you are still walking around with those scars and need to heal. Many people turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to escape the pain they feel, but as most people come to find out, this only makes things worse. Past trauma can also affect your relationships with significant others as well as friends and family, but therapy does often help. When you work with a therapist, you’re in a safe place where you can discuss what happened and see how it’s affecting you today. From here, you can learn healthy coping skills to begin healing from your trauma. This can be difficult at first, but as you work through your trauma, you’ll soon find that you can overcome it. 

It Starts with Detox

Enlightened Solutions offers a detox program to help people begin on the road to recovery. It’s the first step in the process. Detox provides you with a way to safely come off of alcohol or drugs while also working with clinicians to begin unearthing your trauma. Once you’ve safely detoxed, you can then transition into the rehab program where you learn more about a new way of living and how to heal from your trauma so you can live the life that you deserve. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, call us today at 833-233-7336.

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