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Clifton NJ Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Can Freeing Emotions Help Treat Addictions?

If you live in Clifton NJ and are using substances to numb yourself, it’s important to ask what you’re running from. According to Dr. Gabor Mate, author and addiction expert, it's not what we're craving that's the problem. It's the way it makes us feel. All addictions, he says, help us feel better about ourselves. If that's true, the best New Jersey rehab facilities might be the ones that offer more than just medical care and talk therapy.

What Is Addiction?

Dr. Gabor defines his model of addiction as any ongoing behavior that brings temporary relief but has negative effects. This behavior stems from the effort to solve a problem stemming from an old wound. In other words, we pay a price for the emotions we stuff, whether it results in compulsive shopping, drinking, or working. Instead of serving as a warning that something is amiss, the short-term solution leads to long-lasting problems.

Under normal circumstances, it's hard to relax and live in the moment. When we disconnect from uncomfortable feelings to stop the pain, we're also disconnecting from our other feelings and our bodies, and that makes talk therapy difficult. By going to a Clifton NJ drug and alcohol rehab, you can benefit from healing modalities like massage and yoga bypass the thinking brain and speak to the pent-up energy that causes cravings.

The Body Doesn't Lie

Programs that integrate medical supervision, medications and counseling with complementary therapies offer patients new tools to uncover old pain. Whether it's a spinal adjustment or a relaxing massage, holistic modalities restore balance and help the body heal on its own.

Other holistic modalities include the following:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Art therapy
  • Sound therapy
  • Reiki
  • Expressive writing

Holistic therapy programs focus on the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of wellness. Discovering the emotional triggers that lead to discord and cravings may point the way to recovery.

Clifton NJ Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Although attitudes may be changing toward the stiff upper lip and tough legal system, holistic treatments don't replace medical care and counseling. They can, however, increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, feel-good neurotransmitters, and lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that causes a flight-or-fight response. This is especially true when levels of dopamine plummet in the early stages of withdrawal.

High levels of cortisol, which may also come from trauma, make the pain worse and weaken the immune system. Besides lowering cortisol, holistic therapies improve sleep and lower substance P-, a neuropeptide that increases with sleep deprivation. They can also stimulate the vagus nerve, reducing heart rate and slowing down breathing.

Whether you're looking for Clifton NJ drug and alcohol rehab facilities or a safe place away from the triggers at home, consider an integrated program that offers evidence-based traditional care and the benefits of a holistic approach.

At Enlightened Solutions, our caring team provides some of the best care in New Jersey rehab. Contact us for more information.

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