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Adderall Abuse and Treatment

How ADHD Medications can Control Your Life

One of the leading causes of addiction is having an underlying mental illness. Many hear this and think of disorders like depression and anxiety. The reality is that many people who struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), are also prone to substance abuse. ADHD is a difficult mental health disorder to live with, and some people try to manage it with drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, this can lead to trying to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, and this can lead to an addiction.

What is ADHD?

There are a wide range of causes for ADHD, and sometimes it’s over-diagnosed. This disorder can be genetic, but some studies also show data that points to issues while a person is in their mother’s womb. Some research suggests that certain medications the mother is on or smoking can contribute to ADHD. Others may just have brains that function differently. The prefrontal cortex of the brain is responsible for executive functions like attention and impulse control, so when it doesn’t function properly, it can lead to symptoms of ADHD. 

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Absent-mindedness

  • Short attention span

  • Easily bored

  • Mood swings

  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Excitability
  • Fidgeting
Many times, symptoms of ADHD develop in childhood, but doctors have to do their due diligence to separate the disorder from the normal behavior of a child. Sometimes, a child may also show what seems to be the symptoms of ADHD, but it could be attention-seeking behavior due to a lack of attention at home. All of these must be ruled out before diagnosing a child with ADHD because sometimes the medications used for the disorder can become addictive.

ADHD and Substance Abuse

There are two primary ways a person with ADHD starts abusing substances: self-medicating or an addiction to their ADHD medications. The medications that are used for ADHD are called amphetamines, and although they’re not the same as methamphetamines, they’re only a couple molecules away from this illegal street drug. Medications like Adderall and Ritalin can become addictive, and it’s possible for a person with ADHD to start abusing the medication in order to get high rather than managing their symptoms. Those with ADHD are also prone to depression and anxiety due to the challenges they face with their disorder, and this can turn into self-medicating with drugs or alcohol.

Getting Help for ADHD and Substance Abuse

If you’re struggling with substance abuse and ADHD, just know that help is available. When you come to a dual diagnosis treatment facility like Enlightened Solutions, we’ll help treat your ADHD as well as your potential addiction to drugs or alcohol. Through treatment, you’ll discover that you don’t need substances to manage your symptoms of ADHD or to deal with the stresses of everyday life. The treatment process starts with helping you to detox from the drugs or alcohol safely, so give us a call today at 833-233-7336.

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