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alumni groups

Staying Connected and Staying Sober

The journey of recovery takes place on a long road, and it requires support from your peers in order to live the life that you deserve. There’s a common misconception that after treatment is over, you’re cured and can stay sober. The reality is that addiction is a lifelong illness, and although it can be managed and put into remission, relapse is always possible. This is why the best New Jersey rehabs offer alumni programs to help keep you connected after treatment is over.

Completing Treatment and Moving Forward

The treatment process starts with detox services. Due to the way drugs and alcohol affect your mind and body, you become dependent on your substance of choice. Eventually, your body gets to a point where it needs the drugs or alcohol in order to feel well. As the substances begin to metabolize and leave your system, you experience symptoms of withdrawal. Depending on your substance of choice, the symptoms might be physical, psychological, or both. Some of the common symptoms include the following:

  • Depression

  • Nausea

  • Aches and pains

  • Anxiety

  • Cold Sweats

  • Seizures

  • Hallucinations

When you go into the detox program, aside from the medical treatment that you receive, you’ll also receive various forms of therapy. Through individual, group, and experiential therapy, you’ll start to learn more about why you turn to drugs and alcohol in the first place. Here, you’ll see the value of having a support group by your side and why it’s so important to stay connected as you move forward with your recovery. Once treatment is over, the journey is just beginning. 

Why Stay Involved with Rehab Alumni?

Many people who struggle with addiction come from families and lifestyles where they’re surrounded by people who don’t understand the disease of addiction. Although your friends and family love you very much, there’s only so much they can do to help. Once you leave treatment, you’re going to face new challenges, and you need people who know what you’re going through. This is where alumni programs come in because they allow you to stay connected to people who have been through treatment and are also trying to stay sober. It’s also beneficial to have connections to your therapists, counselors and other staff members from the rehab who can help support you in your long-term recovery.

Living a New Life Starts with Getting Help

Before you can get help and become one of the many people who is living an amazing life of sobriety, you need to admit that there’s a problem. Enlightened Solutions Detox is here to provide detox and rehabilitation services to the people of Ocean County, Camden County, Atlantic County and the other areas throughout New Jersey. We offer detox services as well as a variety of clinical resources to help you get sober and stay sober. To learn more about how we can help, call us today at 833-233-7336.

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