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Gender Specific and Co-ed Groups

Gender-Specific or Co-Ed - Which Therapy Works Best?

Would you prefer to be in rehab with members of the same sex? Research suggests it might be a good idea. Not only do women and men respond to treatment in unique ways, but they may be more comfortable with gender-specific groups. Whether it’s in the early stages of detox or during inpatient rehab, it’s important to trust their peers and counselors. Some New Jersey detox and rehab facilities offer the best of both worlds by mixing co-ed and same-sex therapies.

Rehab for Women vs Rehab for Men

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism funded research to find out how men and women differ in therapy. They discovered these facts:

  1. Women are more likely to have problems getting substance abuse treatment and less likely to look for treatment.
  2. Women are more likely to end up in primary care or mental health facilities than in specialized rehab programs.
  3. In reports of gender differences in rehab, women usually have better results than men.
  4. Although some research shows little difference in benefits from gender-specific groups, it may be because women with specific characteristics seek those groups.
Future research should focus on these factors for women: making care better in primary or mental health treatment centers, making specialized treatment available to more women, identifying which men and women would benefit from coed or gender-specific settings, and addressing gender-related factors that affect entering treatment, staying in rehab, and achieving optimal outcomes.

How Gender Differences Affect Substance Abuse

Studies show that women usually consume less alcohol than men and are less likely to have problems with addiction and dependence. They are also less likely to use illegal drugs or to have drug-related issues. Women are usually older than men when problems develop, but dependence occurs more quickly in women. As a result, women may have less time to get help before the onset of behavioral, health, or social problems related to substance use. They report more serious substance-related health issues than men do, and drugs or alcohol may interfere with different parts of their lives than their male counterparts.

Benefits of Co-ed Therapy

Being in rehab for men or rehab for women only can make both sexes more comfortable, more willing to share, and more confident. Co-ed therapy has its advantages too. In a mixed group, members learn more about the dynamics between the two sexes, and that may help with home life or romantic relationships. Sometimes, men or women relate to the other sex more easily than their own, and a mixed group levels the playing field.

Whether it's same-sex or co-ed, relapse is less likely when treatment addresses the root of the disorder and the layers of shame that cover it. Some New Jersey detox centers offer holistic detox, a program that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic-oriented detox, which is followed by inpatient rehab, offers 24/7 medical supervision and counseling, but it also includes therapies, such as yoga or energy healing, to introduce new skills and rebuild confidence.

At Enlightened Solutions, we offer holistic detox and rehab. If you or a loved one is looking for a New Jersey detox and rehab center, contact us today.

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