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Drug Rehab in New Jersey

Is it Time to get the Help of a New Jersey Drug Rehab?

If you have a loved one struggling with the disease of addiction, it’s important to know the importance of them getting help at a drug rehab in New Jersey. Each year, there are thousands of drug-related deaths in New Jersey due to the abuse of substances like heroin, cocaine, and the most lethal substance out there, fentanyl. It’s difficult to understand why your loved one can’t just quit on their own, but the disease of addiction is extremely complex, and it takes the help of qualified professionals to help them recover.

Why a Drug Rehab in New Jersey

The New Jersey drug epidemic is taking a toll on just about every county throughout the state. New Jersey is a beautiful place to live, but within each community, there are people who are struggling with the disease of addiction. And for each person struggling with an addiction, there are countless friends and family members who are having to deal with the fallout. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the opioid epidemic has resulted in approximately 30 deaths per 100,000 people. While many loved ones see the result of heroin use, over 80 percent of heroin addicts start with prescription opioids. In the same NIDA study, they show that about 44.2 people per 100 are prescribed opioids. 

The good news is that more and more people are seeking treatment. The first step towards recovery from addiction is acknowledging the problem and getting the help a person needs. In 2017, almost 4,000 people from Camden County sought treatment for heroin and other opiates. As for Atlantic County, there were over 4,500 admissions, and there were over 4,000 treatment admissions in Ocean County.

It Starts with a New Jersey Drug Detox

Most people struggling with addiction are no longer using the drug because it gets them high. Due to their long-term use, they’ve developed a dependence to the drug, so when they try to quit or run out of the drug, they experience the symptoms of withdrawal. The symptoms of drug withdrawal are different for everyone, but no matter which substance it is, withdrawal is extremely uncomfortable and painful. This is why many people just continue to use the drugs rather than trying to quit. 

Some of the most common symptoms of withdrawal include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Aches and pains
  • Seizures
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
Trying to detox alone not only puts a person at the risk of relapse, but they’re also at risk of experiencing heart failure or a fatal seizure. Before beginning the rehabilitation process, it’s important that your loved one goes through a New Jersey drug detox program. In detox, they’ll be with medical professionals at all times who will help minimize the symptoms of withdrawal and ensure they’re safe throughout the process.

Get Help Today

Enlightened Solutions is a drug rehab in New Jersey that also provides detoxification services. We serve areas throughout New Jersey such as Ocean County, Atlantic County, Gloucester County and more. Our detox facility uses both medical and holistic methods, and then your loved one can easily transition to our rehab program where they can learn how to stay sober for good. To receive more information about how we can help, call us today at 833-233-7336.

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