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Medication for Heroin Treatment

You can Detox from Heroin Safely

The heroin epidemic has been a plague to New Jersey for years now, and many people want to get clean, but they’re scared. Although some people are worried about how to live without turning to the drug, a majority of people are concerned about withdrawal. Without ever having a physical dependence to heroin, it’s difficult to imagine what heroin withdrawal is like. This can be an excruciating and dangerous experience when someone tries to quit on their own. Fortunately, at a qualified detox facility, you’ll receive medication for heroin treatment that will help you through withdrawal and can help you stay clean as well.

Medication for Heroin Withdrawal

The symptoms of withdrawal from heroin happen due to the physical and psychological dependence that a person develops. Over time, the body and brain need the drug to just feel normal. Once the drug begins to metabolize in a person’s body, they’ll begin to experience the psychological and physical symptoms of withdrawal. Due to the neurotransmitters misfiring in the brain, this causes issues with the central nervous system that creates a wide range of symptoms, which can include the following:

  • Aches and pains

  • Nausea

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Irritability

The heroin epidemic has become a major issue, so many medical scientists have worked hard to create medications that can minimize the symptoms of withdrawal. One of the best medications out there is Suboxone. Some people turn to methadone when they want to quit using heroin, but using that medication can be dangerously addictive, and the symptoms of withdrawal can sometimes be worse. Suboxone is much easier to come off of, and although you can become dependent on this medication, detox facilities typically do a one-to-two-week taper. This reduces the dependency, and that way you’re less likely to withdraw from this medication.

Medication for Heroin Treatment

Taking care of the physical dependence is crucial to begin on the path of recovery, but the psychological dependence is something that lasts much longer. As you continue to use heroin, your brain starts to associate different sights, sounds, smells, thoughts and emotions with using the drug. These are known as “triggers”, and the triggers create cravings to use. Medications like Naltrexone and Vivitrol help reduce cravings for people who are early in recovery. Not only do these medications reduce cravings, but they also prevent you from getting high. These medications block the opioid receptors, so even if you were to try to get high, it wouldn’t have an effect.

Beginning Your Recovery Journey

Enlightened Solutions Detox proudly serves the people of New Jersey. We provide detox services to everyone from Atlantic County to Ocean County, Camden County and more. Our team of medical professionals will provide you with a complete assessment to see what the best detox route is for you. Through our individualized detox services, you can decide if medications are the right path for you. We also offer holistic detox services for those who would prefer to not use medications. If you’re ready to get clean and stay clean, give us a call today at 833-233-7336.

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