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Holistic Treatment in New Jersey

Recover from Addiction the Natural Way

With thousands of people in New Jersey struggling with the disease of addiction, the need for treatment is exponential. When you’re looking for treatment for your addiction to drugs or alcohol, one of the most important things to note is that you have options. One of those options that you should definitely consider is whether a facility offers holistic treatment in New Jersey. Sometimes, the word “holistic” gets associated with non-scientific forms of treatment, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, and it helps many people through detox as well as the recovery process.

Who Needs Holistic Treatment in New Jersey?

A reported leader for those who struggle with addiction in New Jersey revolves around opioids, and not just heroin. Although the New Jersey Department of Health shows the high rate of drug-related deaths from drugs like heroin and fentanyl, many people started with prescription opioids. The reality is that most people started their opioid addiction by experimenting with narcotic pain medications like oxycodone, and there are many others who have problems with drugs like benzodiazepines and amphetamines. Those who have struggled with an addiction to prescription medications are the prime candidates for holistic treatment. 

Holistic treatment not only treats the whole person -- which includes the mind, body, and soul -- but it does so with a limited amount of medications. There are many medications that can help with the withdrawal process as well as those who struggle with mental health issues, but there’s another way. Over the years, there have been numerous studies showing natural ways to help people overcome their addiction without the use of certain medications. This helps you strengthen your recovery and ensure that you won’t have to rely on a pill ever again in order to feel okay.

What is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic treatment in New Jersey comes in many forms. A key aspect of holistic treatment is health and nutrition. After months or years of substance abuse, the body is severely damaged. Everything from your nervous system, to your muscles, joints, and internal organs are affected by long-term substance use. This can make you feel restless, anxious, and extremely uncomfortable. Holistic treatment helps you start becoming physically active to repair your body, and you’ll also learn the benefits of healthy eating. 

Other forms of holistic treatment include amazing practices like yoga and meditation. Meditation has been scientifically proven to help decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety, and it can even help with overcoming cravings. Yoga is also beneficial because it’s a sort of moving meditation. Through these practices, you’ll begin to have better control over your mind and realize that you can face the world more successfully.

Getting Started with Holistic Treatment

Enlightened Solutions is a drug and alcohol detox in New Jersey, and we offer both medical and holistic treatment. We have a team of qualified medical professionals who will give you a full evaluation to see which treatment options are best for you. Through our program, you’ll see that holistic treatment can help you get sober and stay sober for years to come. To learn more, call us today at 833-233-7336.

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