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Yoga for Addiction Recovery

A Holistic Approach to Sobriety

We live in a time where people believe medications are the solution to every problem. But when it comes to addiction, medications are often the source of the problem. Due to the mismarketing of prescription opioids in the early 2000s, we’re now in an epidemic that’s lasted for decades. Unfortunately, the people of New Jersey have been affected more by the opioid epidemic than most other parts of the country. This is why it’s so important to know the benefits of holistic treatment methods like yoga and how they can help you on your recovery journey. When you discover the scientifically proven fact that you can recover without putting yourself at risk of taking medications, a whole new world of freedom and happiness opens up to you.

What is Yoga?

Oftentimes, people in our Western society give holistic methods of therapy a bad reputation. The West has always been driven by science and innovation, so we’re raised to look down on ancient practices that have been around for thousands of years. The reality of the situation is that the United States prescribes more pain and psychiatric medications than anywhere on earth, and we have to ask ourselves, “What are other countries doing?”. Yoga is a practice that’s been used for a long time that not only helps people manage depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental health issues, but it can also greatly help you with your sobriety. 

In short, yoga is moving meditation. This ancient practice involves a variety of poses and breathing exercises that are meant to keep you fully present while giving your body your full attention while on your yoga mat. We often believe that our difficulties come from external factors, but when we think about it, it’s more about how we perceive and react to different situations. Yoga gives you the opportunity to slow down and manage your emotions in a healthy productive way. As you develop a yoga practice, you’ll start to notice the benefits off the mat too in your everyday life. Soon, you’ll see how you can embrace various feelings and emotions, and take a pause without reacting to them the way you used to.

Yoga for Detox

In modern times, many New Jersey drug and alcohol detox facilities prescribe a variety of medications to help people through detox. While these medications are typically given with a doctor’s supervision, too often people become dependent on such medications as Suboxone. This is why yoga is such a great holistic method to help with the detox process. Withdrawal happens because your body is trying to heal itself, and you can speed this process up by participating in yoga therapy. Yoga helps to heal your muscles and repair your nervous system. As you begin to move, you’ll see your symptoms begin to go away, and the practice will also strengthen your heart and improve your pain tolerance.

So What are You Waiting for?

Enlightened Solutions Detox is a holistic drug and alcohol detox facility in New Jersey, and we provide services to people from throughout the state. We’ve had clients from Atlantic County, Ocean County, Camden County, and more, and we’d love to help you too. We’re here to show you that there’s a natural way to recover, and you can take back control of your life. To learn more about how we can help you overcome your addiction in a natural way, give us a call now at 833-233-7336.

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