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How to Have a Safe and Sober Halloween

Being sober around various holidays can be difficult for many people in recovery. For those in recovery, Halloween may have been a day for you to go out party hopping while in your active addiction. As you’ve realized, now that you’re sober, those with an addiction overdo it on these holidays. While many people can drink in moderation and sometimes experiment with drugs, those with an addiction take it to an excess. The great news is that it’s still possible to have a fun, safe, and sober Halloween now that you’re in recovery. 

Being Sober Doesn’t Mean Being Boring

One of the reasons many people don’t want to get sober is because they assume that holidays like Halloween are doomed to be boring, but this isn’t the case. The biggest lie that addiction tells you is that it’s impossible to have fun without alcohol or drugs. In reality, there are millions of people around the world who don’t drink or use, and they have a blast on holidays like Halloween. Most of the time, it just involves finding the right people to be around on these holidays. While many people in recovery will be having fun on Halloween, you may also have supportive friends or family members who don’t mind having a sober night of fun.

There’s plenty to do on Halloween if you’re sober, and one of them might just be to have a scary movie night. You and your friends in recovery can have a spooky evening of watching movies, and you can even make a Halloween themed dinner or potluck where people can bring various dishes and desserts. If you’re a parent, you have even more of a reason to stay sober, and it’ll be an incredible experience having a fun Halloween with your little ones while completely clear-headed. 

What to do if You Relapse

Although there are plenty of ways for you to stay sober this Halloween, some people do slip around these types of holidays. Whether it’s due to making a bad decision or just the overwhelming stress of the season, some people, unfortunately, pick up a drink or a drug. If you feel that you’re in a vulnerable situation, contact Enlightened Solutions so we can help you avoid relapse. We have a strong alumni program and plenty of support. And if you or a loved one does relapse, give us a call at 833-233-7336, and we can help you get back on track with our New Jersey drug and alcohol detox program

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