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How Your Mental Health is Affecting Your Sobriety

When you go to a detox facility, there’s more to the treatment process than simply getting clean. You will also receive mental health treatment due to the fact that many people struggle with a dual diagnosis. Having a mental health issue is one of the leading causes of addiction, as well as relapse. In treatment, you will learn the importance of maintaining good mental health through a variety of methods to help ensure your sobriety after treatment. 

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

Having a dual diagnosis is also known as having co-occurring disorders, which means you have a mental health issue as well as an addiction problem. Many people begin to develop the symptoms of mental health disorders during their teen years, and this is one of the main reasons they turn to alcohol or drugs. While many teens will experiment during this time, when mental health issues are involved, it is more likely to develop into an addiction. 

Many people who end up needing the help of a detox center have been self-medicating a mental health issue. Unfortunately, not many people are educated about mental health, so when you start having thoughts and emotions that you can’t explain, it can be scary and confusing. When your mind is constantly racing or you can’t seem to find pleasure in anything, it can make you feel lost and alone. This can lead to using alcohol or drugs to get a feeling or get rid of a feeling. 

Although alcohol or drugs may have helped to make you feel “normal” in the beginning, eventually, your mental health issues will worsen. Long-term alcohol and drug use can also make the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other disorders even more prominent than they were before. Once you develop a dependence to these substances, you’ll need to have your addiction, as well as your mental health issues, treated by substance use professionals. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When you do decide to get help, you’ll need to go through the entire detoxification process before you can be properly diagnosed. There are many substances that can make you experience symptoms of mental illness while they’re in your system, and this is why many people are misdiagnosed. During the drug detox process, you may experience more symptoms, and this is completely normal. As the substances begin to leave your body, you’ll meet with a mental health professional to receive a diagnosis. 

Receiving a diagnosis can be an extremely liberating experience. For many years, you may have not understood why you felt the way you felt, but receiving a diagnosis can provide you with some answers. When you know what the problem is, you can begin working on your recovery. You’ll begin to learn new coping skills to manage your mental health that don’t involve alcohol or drugs. For some, this may include non-narcotic medications, but there are also many holistic methods that can help you maintain your mental health. 

It’s also possible that you’ve been struggling with various mental health issues as a result of your substance abuse, so these symptoms may begin to go away on their own once you detox. So, if you’re struggling with your mental health and/or substance abuse issue, allow Enlightened Solutions to help. We provide treatment services to people in Atlantic County, Ocean County as well as the surrounding areas. We’ll help you find the root of your addiction and assist you on your recovery journey, so call us today at 833-233-7336.


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