Aetna Insurance for Detox

Does Aetna Insurance Cover Detox in New Jersey?

The detox process is the first step in treatment, and it’s the safest way to begin your recovery journey. Whether you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol, going to a New Jersey detox can help you get clean. Unfortunately, the prices of drug and alcohol detox can be expensive, and this is why some people don’t get the help they need. But, if you have Aetna health insurance, you may be wondering, “Does Aetna insurance cover detox?”. By understanding your insurance plan and how detox works, you or a loved one can get help.

Does Aetna Cover Detox?

Fortunately, during the Barack Obama administration, the Affordable Care Act was passed. You may know about the Affordable Care Act as Obamacare, and although the conversation about the ACA is mainly about mandating coverage, it’s much more than that. Not only did the ACA require insurance providers to cover pre-existing conditions, but there are also requirements for mental health and substance abuse treatment. For far too long, insurance companies were able to deny that addiction is a legitimate disease, but that’s changed. 

Now, if you have Aetna insurance, you also have coverage for a New Jersey drug detox. You may have insurance through your employer, your parent, spouse, or another means, but you can check and see what type of coverage you have. The coverage you have may vary, so it’s good to check your specific policy. For convenience, you can contact Enlightened Solutions Detox, and we can do an insurance verification to find out exactly what your co-pay or deductible might be. Regardless of what it is, you can rest assured that your out-of-pocket expense will be far less than if you had to pay for it on your own.

What Happens at a New Jersey Detox?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is trying to detox on their own. Whether you’re dependent on drugs or alcohol, detoxing alone can be extremely dangerous. Some of the more severe symptoms of withdrawal can include seizures or cardiac failure, so you should always have medical supervision. When you enter detox, you’ll go through a full physical assessment to see how severe your dependency actually is. From here, medical professionals are able to map out a safe detox plan to help you get you through the process as easy as possible.

Overcoming Your Addiction for Good

Enlightened Solutions Detox provides holistic drug and alcohol detox services to the people of New Jersey. We have clients who come from all parts of the state, which include places like Gloucester County, Camden County, Ocean County, Atlantic County, and more. Our goal is to show you that it’s possible to overcome your addiction in a holistic way, and the methods we use will also help you maintain your recovery long after treatment. After detox, if you need additional help, you can transition into our rehabilitation program where you’ll have ongoing support from others trying to begin a new life. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, call us today at 833-233-7336.

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