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Cigna Insurance for Drug Rehab in New Jersey

Does Cigna Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Trying to overcome an addiction can be difficult because there’s a lot to take into consideration. When a person makes the decision to quit using drugs, it’s because they were given a gift of clarity where they can realize that not only do they have a problem, but there’s hope for a better future. Many people never attempt to get clean because they think it’s impossible, so it’s a great first step to even want to go to a New Jersey drug rehab. Once a person is ready to quit using drugs, the next thing they have to figure out is going to treatment, but they may be worried about the cost.

Does Cigna Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

If you have Cigna insurance, you might wonder if you can use Cigna insurance for drug rehab. Typically, those who struggle with an addiction aren’t in the best financial situation, and going to rehab can be expensive. Fortunately, recent years have made it possible for people with Cigna insurance to get the help they need from drug rehab facilities. For a long time, insurance was able to decide whether or not they were going to cover rehab because addiction was seen as a choice or a pre-existing condition. 

Not long ago, during the Obama administration, the Affordable Care Act was passed, and it has a provision that requires insurance companies to have coverage for addiction treatment. This is great news because the rehabilitation process can sometimes be expensive, but when you have health insurance, it reduces the cost greatly. During the admissions process, the facility is able to verify your insurance and see how much it will cost you. Like other forms of medical treatment, you’ll typically only be responsible for a co-pay or deductible that depends on your specific policy.

Cigna Insurance for Drug Detox

The first step in the addiction recovery process is going through a drug detox program. As you continue to abuse drugs, your mind and body become dependent on the substances. If you’ve ever tried to quit before, you know that the symptoms of withdrawal can be quite harsh. Depending on the substance, the symptoms of withdrawal can be dangerous because they put you at risk for heart failure or seizure. When you go to a New Jersey drug detox, you’ll be under the care of medical professionals, which may require tests as well as medications to help keep you stable. By using your insurance plan, you can also get the drug detox help that you need to begin taking the first steps on the road to recovery.

Long-Term Recovery can Start Today

If you’re sick and tired of living the way you’re living and want to get clean, Enlightened Solutions Detox can help. Whether you have insurance through your job, spouse, parents, or other means, we proudly accept Cigna as well as many other policies. Enlightened Solutions is a fully accredited drug detox and rehab program, and we have a passionate staff that’s dedicated to helping people overcome their addiction. To have your insurance verified today, give us a call at 833-233-7336.

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