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Emblem Insurance for Detox in New Jersey

Using Emblem Insurance for Detox

When you’re ready to get sober, the best thing you can do is start by going to a drug and alcohol detox. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the financial situation to pay for a stay in a high-quality detox facility. This is why many people ask, “Does Emblem insurance cover detox in New Jersey?” By understanding how insurance works, your specific policy, and more, you can make the best possible decision when it comes to getting sober and staying sober for good.

Does Emblem Insurance Cover Detox?

The detox process is an important part of recovery to get you started, but it can be extremely expensive. Detox involves staying in the medical care of professionals who can help you come off of the drugs or alcohol safely, and that can get pricey. For a long time, addiction was seen as a choice, which is why many insurance companies didn’t cover detox or rehab, but in recent decades, that’s started to change. In the middle of the 20th century, more and more research became dedicated to addiction, and we now know that it’s a legitimate disease. 

During the Barack Obama administration, you may have heard of the start of the Affordable Care Act, and many people don’t realize that this was huge for anyone struggling with addiction or mental health issues. Now that addiction has been classified as a disease, the Affordable Care Act mandates that all insurance companies, like Emblem Insurance, cover detox as well as rehab. How much it costs is going to depend on your specific policy, but when you call Enlightened Solutions, we can do an insurance verification to see what your out-of-pocket expense will be.

What Happens at a New Jersey Detox?

The first step in the detoxification process is to go through a full evaluation to see what physical and psychological symptoms you may have. Depending on your substance of choice and medical history, the symptoms can be different for everyone. Once you’re assessed, the team at Enlightened Solutions will map out the best course of detox for you. This process will not only help minimize the symptoms of withdrawal, but it will also increase your chances of staying sober.

Holistic Detox in New Jersey

Enlightened Solutions not only accepts Emblem Insurance for drug and alcohol detox, but we’re also a holistic treatment facility. Here, we use natural treatment methods to help people overcome the symptoms of withdrawal, which helps to decrease the chances of becoming dependent on a new substance. Many other treatment centers in New Jersey focus on medications like Suboxone, but these medications can become addictive. With the holistic treatments we use, you’ll be able to manage withdrawal and will also gain tools that can help you achieve long-term sobriety. 

Here at Enlightened Solutions Detox, we don’t just want to help you get sober, we want to help you stay sober as well. This is why we offer rehabilitation services and mental health treatment along with detox. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, give us a call today at 833-233-7336 so we can verify your Emblem Insurance and help get you on the road to recovery.

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