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stay sober today

Just Stay Sober Today

Getting sober is one of the most difficult things any person can ever go through. The disease of addiction is powerful, and it’s the only disease that makes you believe you don’t have a problem. When you’re living with an addiction, your mind tells you that you need alcohol or drugs to survive. Something that makes it so difficult to make that first step towards recovery is the idea that you have to stay sober forever. This type of thinking can be overwhelming, so many people ask, “Why bother?” Fortunately, you just have to stay sober today. 

Taking it One Day at a Time

Doing anything forever seems like an impossible task, and that’s why treatment and 12-step programs teach you to stay sober one day at a time. It’s important to realize that drinking or using drugs have become a major part of your entire life. Everything you do revolves around getting or using alcohol or drugs. To even start to imagine that you’re going to have to stay sober forever makes you wonder how you’re going to do anything without alcohol or drugs. 

When people think of staying sober forever, they start wondering how they’ll be able to go to work gatherings without drinking or going out on dates and not drinking. How will you go to parties? What about holidays? Are you going to be able to stay sober on your wedding day?

The reality is that this is what’s referred to as “future tripping”. It’s thinking about all of the “what-ifs” about things that haven’t happened yet. When you’re focusing on the future, you’re not able to manage the present. Each day when you wake up, it’s a new day, and you develop a new strategy for staying sober. You don’t need to stay sober tomorrow, and you don’t need to worry about yesterday. As you continue to stay sober one day at a time, the days start to add up, and eventually, you have a month. After that, the months turn into six months, a year, and more. 

Staying Sober One Minute at a Time

Some people set themselves up for failure by believing that once they get sober, every day will be easy. The reality is that life is still going to happen, and you’ll be faced with challenges that you’re not prepared for. During these times, it’s going to be difficult to imagine staying sober for the entire day, so that’s when you need to reduce it and focus even more on the present. On some of those rough days, you’re going to need to figure out how to stay sober for the next few hours. Sometimes, you’ll need to just stay sober the next hour or even the next minute. 

Why This Works

Each time you set yourself up with these small goals, you get a variety of benefits. When you learn how to stay sober for that one day, one hour, or one minute,you’re developing strategies and tools that you can use the next time you’re struggling. This also increases your psychological resilience, and you realize you can make it through those cravings no matter what. Whenever you stay sober, you’re giving yourself proof that recovery is possible, and you’re able to live an incredible new life free from substances. 

Sometimes slips happen, and Enlightened Solutions is here to help. We have a detox program to help you through the difficult stages of withdrawal, and we’ll help you learn how to stay sober one day at a time to kick your addiction for good. For more information, call us today at 833-233-7336.

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