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Atlantic County Drug Detox

Drug Detox Services in Atlantic County

It’s no secret that the drug addiction problem in Atlantic County is a major one, but it may be worse than some people realize. According to the official New Jersey government website, in 2017, over 3,400 people entered treatment for heroin addiction. This is approximately 59 percent of all treatment admissions throughout the county. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, a detox is a great place to start on the path to recovery.

Why an Atlantic County Drug Detox

People don’t realize it, but detox is the most crucial part of the recovery process, and it should never be done alone. As you continue to abuse drugs or alcohol, the body not only becomes addicted, but it becomes extremely dependent. As a person continues to artificially stimulate dopamine in the brain through the use of drugs or alcohol, the body doesn’t know what to do when the substance is no longer present. 

The withdrawal process can lead to a variety of symptoms, and these symptoms vary depending on the substance of choice. Some of the most common symptoms of withdrawal include the following:

  • Depression

  • Aches and pains

  • Anxiety

  • Irritability

  • Insomnia

  • Nausea

  • Body tremors

This list of symptoms makes people think that they can quit cold turkey, but this can be extremely dangerous. Substances like benzodiazepines and alcohol can lead to withdrawal symptoms that are deadly such as seizures as well as cardiac failure. It’s also important to remember that even when you’re abusing other substances like heroin and prescription opioids, you’re doing quite a bit of damage to your heart. During the detox process, your heart is under a tremendous amount of stress, which can also lead to heart failure if you’re not receiving medical care.

Medical Supervision for Detox in Atlantic County

When you enter a qualified drug and alcohol detox facility, you’ll be under the supervision of medical professionals who specialize in the detox process. You’ll go through a complete evaluation to see exactly what symptoms you’ll be dealing with. From here, doctors are able to plan a safe and comfortable plan of action for you. You’ll receive medications that can help to minimize both the psychological as well as the physical symptoms. 

Some of the best detox programs will also offer holistic methods to help you recover. Holistic methods help you strengthen your mind, body and soul through natural methods. Not only do these methods help you manage your symptoms of withdrawal, but you’ll also gain skills that can help you stay sober long after you leave the detox program. These methods can include yoga, meditation, healthy eating and much more.

Get Help Today

Enlightened Solutions is an Atlantic County drug and alcohol detox program that’s dedicated to helping people recover from their addiction. We have a wide variety of treatment methods for anyone looking to get clean and sober, which include medical, clinical and holistic methods. To learn more about our program of recovery and how we can help, call us today at 833-233-7336.


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