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camden county drug detox

Finding a Drug Detox Near Camden County

According to a recent study, almost 700 people died from drug overdoses in Camden County, New Jersey. This number is close, yet higher than nearby areas such as Gloucester county. As the drug epidemic in New Jersey has become a growing problem, the number of overdoses is also increasing. Although many have seeked help and achieved recovery, it’s a common pattern for them to fall back in to the disease of addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug addiction, a Camden County detox is the best place to start. Through a quality detox program, you’ll see that there is hope, and you no longer have to live a life controlled by addiction.

How Detox Can Help

When you’re in active addiction, it’s easy to feel hopeless, and this is especially true for anyone who has had multiple relapses. Drug addiction is a cunning and powerful disease that causes you to keep using even when you realize how it’s affecting your life in a negative way. If you feel hopeless in your situation, just know that you’re not alone. There are many people throughout New Jersey who once felt the same way you did, but they found a better way of living. 

The first step in the recovery process is going through a quality detox program, and from here, you’ll start to regain some hope. There are many people who used to believe they could never overcome their addiction, but then they got the help they so desperately needed. One of the most difficult parts of getting sober is dealing with the symptoms of withdrawal. With the help of a detox facility, your symptoms will be minimized, and you’ll be able to begin on the path to recovery.

How Detox Helps

Depending on your substance of choice, the symptoms of withdrawal may vary. You’ve most likely already experienced some of the symptoms of withdrawal when you ran out of drugs or tried to quit on your own. As you know, these symptoms can be both psychological as well as physical, and they can make you turn back to your substance of choice. In an effort to alleviate the symptoms, you may be inclined to start using again, but this just puts you back in the cycle once again. 

Some of the most common symptoms of drug withdrawal include the following:

  • Nausea

  • Aches and pains

  • Cold sweats

  • Depression

  • Irritability

  • Anxiety

When you go through a detox program, you’ll receive the care and support that you need in a safe environment. First, you’ll go through a medical evaluation that’s performed by licensed professionals. From here, they can plan a safe detox plan for you that will help you manage the symptoms. In some cases, the symptoms of withdrawal can be dangerous, so it’s important to have medical supervision throughout the process.

Getting Sober and Staying Sober

Enlightened Solutions Detox provides services to the people of New Jersey, and we’re here to help you too. We have a Camden County drug detox program that can help you safely come off of the substances that you’ve been abusing. Through medical as well as holistic methods, we can assist you through withdrawal safely and comfortably. Not only do we accept insurance, but we also offer financing options. Give us a call today at 833-233-7336.

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