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drug withdrawal timelines

How Long Does Drug Withdrawal Last?

Although hundreds of thousands of people around the United States have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, many of them want to stop, but why don’t they? This is a major problem in New Jersey as well with many people struggling with heroin and other opiate addictions. Aside from drugs, many people struggle with alcohol addiction as well. One of the main reasons you or someone you love may not quit is due to the fear of drug withdrawal. Each substance affects the body differently, so the timelines may vary. 

By having a better understanding of drug withdrawal timelines, you can feel more comfortable with the recovery process and get the help you need. Fortunately, holistic drug detox facilities in New Jersey can help lessen the symptoms of withdrawal and speed up the process as well.

Heroin and Other Opioids

According to the New Jersey Department of Health, in 2018, approximately 33.8 people per 100.000 died from a drug-related overdose. Due to the high amount of people addicted to this substance in the state of New Jersey, it’s important to know about heroin withdrawal timelines. When it comes to heroin, the symptoms can start within six to 12 hours of the last use, and the symptoms can include anxiety, shaking, and muscle aches. Over the next few days, the symptoms will get worse and can include stomach cramps, chills, nausea and more. Typically, the entire withdrawal process lasts about a week or so, but there may also be post-acute withdrawal symptoms that can last for weeks.

Cocaine and Meth

Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception that you won’t have withdrawal from stimulants like cocaine and meth, but this isn’t true. Heroin and other opiates cause both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, but stimulants primarily cause psychological symptoms. After the effects of the drugs begin to wear off, you can experience a crash. The early withdrawal symptoms can include fatigue, sleepiness, anxiety, irritability, paranoia, and more. Depending on the severity of your substance use, the symptoms can last up to 10 weeks after you use, and this is why a huge part of treatment is focusing on your mental health.

Other Substances

Some of the other commonly abused substances include benzodiazepines like Xanax or medications that fall into the category of barbiturates. Benzos can have severe withdrawal symptoms that can be life-threatening, and you may be at risk of having a seizure. While barbiturate withdrawal may only last up to a week, you may have residual symptoms from benzos for weeks or months. 

Regardless of the substance you’re trying to quit, you should never do it alone. Enlightened Solutions Detox provides drug detox services to the people of New Jersey, and our goal is to keep you safe and comfortable throughout the process. We have a holistic approach to detox, so you don’t have to worry about becoming reliant on another medication. To learn more about how we can help, call us today at 833-233-7336.

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