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Money Can’t Buy You Everything

When getting sober, it’s not just about quitting alcohol and drugs. It’s often said that the alcohol and drugs are only a symptom of the overall problem, and this is extremely true. Treatment and long-term sobriety are dependent on getting rid of old ideas and belief systems that are no longer serving you. The primary belief to get rid of is that alcohol or drugs will solve your problems, but there are even more beliefs that you most likely struggle with, which are part of the human condition. One of the beliefs that must go is that money can make you happy. 

The Myth Behind Money and Happiness

Before diving into the myth of money and happiness, it’s important to understand that nobody is arguing that money is a necessity. We need money to support ourselves as well as our families by putting food on the table and keeping a roof over our head. What we must realize is that there is a big difference between our wants and needs. Food, shelter, and health are all needs, but that big screen TV, fancy car, and big house are all wants. As you’re able to separate your wants and needs, money will stop being your top priority. 

It’s important to understand the myth of money and happiness because some people make money their top priority in early recovery, which can often lead to relapse. People rush to find the best-paying job because they believe that will make them happy, and meanwhile, their recovery goes on the backburner. One of the best ways to reverse your thinking about money and happiness is to simply turn towards celebrity suicides and depression as a whole. Although this is an extremely sad subject, it teaches us a valuable lesson: if money was all you need to be happy, celebrity suicides would be non-existent. On top of those suicides, there are even more accidental overdose deaths from the rich and famous. If money, power, and fame still had these people self-medicating with substances, what does that mean for you?

Getting Your Priorities Straight in Sobriety

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the benefit of taking it easy your first year sober. You may want that great job that pays a lot when you get clean, but that might not be the best option. Remember, increased levels of success also increase levels of stress. High-paying jobs often mean a lot of responsibility and long hours. Think about everything that made you turn to substances in the past, and you may see that you’re setting yourself up to fall back into old patterns. 

Sobriety is a marathon, and it can take time to bounce back financially, but that’s all the more reason you should focus on your recovery. During this time, it’s important to really assess your values and see what matters. When you start prioritizing your sobriety, your relationships, and being of service to others, money starts to slide down the priority list. For a moment, just think about how freeing it would be if the only thing you needed to be happy was maintaining good relationships with your loved ones. 

Making Money a Want Instead of a Need

Money is great, and here at Enlightened Solutions, we teach our clients to get back out into the workforce and become fully self-sufficient. But the important aspect of our program as well as sobriety as a whole is helping you see the difference between the wants and needs. When you prioritize your needs ahead of your wants, making money and buying nice things are just icing on the cake of sobriety. And if you need help getting back on track and staying sober, be sure to reach out to Enlightened Solutions today by giving us a call at 833-233-7336.


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