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What is a Drug or Alcohol Relapse?

How to Know What Relapse Looks Like

With many people suffering from the disease of addiction in New Jersey, if you have a loved one in recovery or trying to get sober, you need to understand what a relapse is and what it looks like. Many loved ones of addicts ask themselves, “What is a drug or alcohol relapse?”. Unfortunately, even though you may love the person in your life and want to help them, you may not be educated in what a relapse actually looks like. In order to achieve relapse prevention in New Jersey, you should know what a relapse is, and what you can do to help.

What is a Relapse?

In short, a relapse is when someone trying to stay sober turns back to drugs or alcohol, but sometimes this can be nuanced. There are some rare instances when a person who is in recovery may receive narcotic medications without their knowledge. This typically happens if the person is injured and goes to a hospital. Many times, a person in recovery can avoid using these potentially addictive medications if they are injured, and this is why holistic addiction treatment in New Jersey is so helpful. 

In other cases, relapses aren’t an accident, and they’re planned. It’s important to remember that your loved one struggling with an addiction is dealing with a legitimate disease. Although their physical dependence is gone, they may still be triggered by thoughts, situations and triggers. So, once a person completes treatment, it’s of the utmost importance that they continue treating their addiction in various ways. The best way to achieve relapse prevention is to follow their aftercare plan by continuing to do therapy and attend 12-step support groups.

What Causes a Relapse?

When a loved one relapses, the loved ones of the addict may feel intense feelings of guilt. While there are some aspects that are within your control, you can’t force someone to stay sober. Oftentimes, a person’s relapse comes days or weeks before they pick up the drink or drug. Typically, they’ll start to fall back into addictive behaviors, which are key relapse warning signs. The person may begin isolating and stop talking to their support group, and they may go back to hanging out with old friends who drink or use. Eventually, due to a lack of maintaining their sobriety, turning back to the drugs or alcohol may seem like a viable option.

What to do After a Relapse

If your loved one relapses, don’t give up hope. Although relapse doesn’t have to be a necessary part of a person’s story, it happens to many people. In fact, many people who have achieved years of sobriety have relapsed at some point in their journey. If you know someone who has recently relapsed, the best thing they can do is get help as soon as possible. Addiction is a progressive disease, and it’s easier to treat in the earlier stages. So, if you know someone who recently turned back to drugs or alcohol, allow Enlightened Solutions Detox to help. We provide addiction treatment in New Jersey, and we’re here to assist your loved one in coming back from a relapse, so call us today at 833-233-7336.

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