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New Jersey AA Meetings for Relapse Prevention

How AA Can Help You Prevent Relapse

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international organization for men and women who drink too much. Open to everyone, regardless of race, residence, or education, members around the world attend meetings free of charge. Operational funds come from the sale of literature or donations. You can find Northern New Jersey AA meetings near you or join a group online.

The History

AA got its start in 1935 when two alcoholics met and published The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. With a 1941 article in the Saturday Evening Post, knowledge of the group spread across the country. AA holds open and closed meetings. Alcoholics and non-alcoholics are welcome to attend open sessions, but only alcoholics who are members may attend closed ones.

Members share their stories and provide "sponsors" for anyone who has a drinking problem and wants help. The AA's 12 Step program is a member's guide to living a substance-free life. At meetings, participants talk about their addictions and describe how AA has helped. Depending on the format, they may discuss specific topics. AA is not a religious organization, but it does adhere to a spiritual philosophy.

The Studies

Research shows that people who get professional help for substance use disorders experience better relapse prevention when they add AA to their treatment programs. An unfunded review of 35 studies at Stanford School of Medicine found that participation in AA and other 12-step groups leads to higher rates of abstinence than psychotherapy. It also reduces the cost of health care. Researchers attribute success to mutual support and helpful tips.

Support groups help in nine ways:

  • Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Lessen negative emotions and fatigue
  • Improve coping skills
  • Encourage sharing of emotions
  • Make it easier to stay on track
  • Offer hope and sense of control
  • Lead to greater understanding
  • Give practical feedback
  • Provide valuable information about resources

Participating in a support group is more helpful if it includes members with similar issues. An advanced group, for example, may not be good for beginners. An AA group focused on the homeless may not the best choice for a young parent who is struggling at work.

Northern New Jersey AA Meetings

Besides a directory of locations for New Jersey AA meetings, the website has information about online meetings, events, news, articles, and resources. You'll find digital books and readings on the concepts and traditions of the 12-step AA program.

You can also access Nightwatch, a system for answering alcoholics' calls when office staff members are not available. Members of the group act as contacts 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year

As helpful as New Jersey AA meetings are, you or a loved one may need a holistic detox program first. Enlightened Solutions has a program that offers rehab and relapse prevention. It also provides a holistic detox treatment that offers everything from medical supervision and counseling to yoga and art therapy.

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