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New Jersey NA Meetings for Relapse Prevention

How NA Meetings Can Help You Avoid Relapse

The United States is facing an opioid crisis. According to recent statistics from the U.S. Health and Human Services, over 1.27 million Americans are currently getting medication-assisted treatment for narcotics addictions. There are over 14,000 treatment centers, but relapse is common. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a global organization that operates in 138 countries, offers relapse prevention based on a twelve-step program. You can find New Jersey NA meetings at locations around the state.

What Is Narcotics Anonymous?

NA helps addicts who use any drug, including alcohol, get clean and stay clean. Manned by fellow members in recovery, the organization is not associated with governmental, religious, law enforcement, or psychiatric associations. NA is open to anyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, or nationality. There is no charge for membership, but members often contribute to a fund that covers expenses.

The NA twelve-step program is not a part of other support groups, treatment centers, or correctional institutes. There are no professional therapists or counselors on staff, and there are no legal, financial, medical, psychiatric, or vocational services. NA has one goal - to offer a place where those who are sober can help those who want to live clean, drug-free lives.

What Is a Twelve-Step Program?

Twelve-step programs may be generic or affiliated with a specific group or purpose, such as NA or AA. They're all based on the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous and deal with addictions or dysfunctional behavior. Although NA is not exclusive to narcotic users, groups with many other interests are also available. Members can choose the meetings that best fit their needs. In larger cities or online, participants may find meetings that cater to their specific needs, such as those for heroin or methamphetamine addicts.

Meetings fall into two categories: in-person gatherings in places like community centers or internet meetings on platforms like Zoom.

  • Members or visitors can find face-to-face meetings in the United States and Canada or at locations around the world.

  • Virtual recovery groups give members an online or phone option.

Meetings may be open or closed. Anyone, including someone who is interested in the topic of narcotics, can attend an open meeting. Sometimes, students, legal professionals, or family members want to learn more about drug use disorder or more effective ways of helping their clients or loved ones. At open meetings, only those who identify as addicts can share their stories.

Closed New Jersey NA meetings are limited to members who know they have a substance use disorder or to those who think they have a problem. The sharing becomes intimate and provides an atmosphere where others can recognize themselves and share their struggles and their hopes.

Holistic Detox - The First Step

Addicts often need medical supervision and counseling to get narcotics and other substances out of their systems. Medical detox provides around-the-clock supervision, counseling, and necessary medications. Holistic detox, a relatively new option, offers the benefits of traditional detox with the tools also needed for living a balanced, wholesome life.

Contact Integral Solutions today for more information about holistic rehab and detox programs that feature everything from relapse prevention to art therapy and yoga.

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