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Sex and Drug Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

The Dangers of Cross Addictions of Sex and Drugs

Many people who struggle with an addiction to drugs often have more than one addiction. While some people are addicted to multiple drugs, some people have a substance and behavioral addiction. For some, this can be a drug or alcohol addiction and an addiction to shopping, gambling, or food, but one of the common cross addictions is to sex. When you’re struggling with a substance and sex addiction, it’s important to know that help is available, and you can recover with treatment in New Jersey.

What is Sex Addiction?

There’s a common misconception that people can only become addicted to substances like drugs or alcohol. The reality is that sex, or any behavior that releases dopamine, can become addictive. Eventually, just as with drugs or alcohol, sex can become a problem that makes your life unmanageable. People with a sex addiction may begin to have problems with their work life and personal life. It’s also extremely difficult for people with a sex addiction to maintain any type of meaningful relationship. 

Sex addiction can come in a variety of different forms as well. This can range from promiscuity to addiction to pornography or exhibition. Some of the signs of sex addiction include the following:

  • Sex dominates the person’s life, which results in the exclusion of other activities

  • Excessive engagement in phone or computer sex, use of prostitutes, or pornography

  • Habitual masturbation

  • The person may have multiple sexual partners or cheats on current partners

What Causes a Sex Addiction?

In many cases, a sex addiction can be caused by traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse. Unfortunately, many people who experienced abuse as a child or later in life may become hypersexual. There are also others who turn to sex for the same reasons that people turn to drugs. Rather than dealing with different thoughts, feelings, and emotions, a person may use sex as a way to numb themselves or have an escape. Some people who have a constant feeling of numbness due to depression will engage in sexual behaviors as a way to feel something.

Sex and Drug or Alcohol Addiction

A common issue people have is that they’re addicted to sex as well as substances like drugs or alcohol. In order to recover, you need to go to a treatment facility that specializes in both behavioral and substance addictions. Many people get high or drunk, and this leads to sexual behaviors. Over time, the brain wires itself to relate drinking or using drugs to the sexual behaviors, so in order to recover, abstaining from both is the key. 

The first step in recovery from a sex and substance addiction is to go get the help of a qualified detox in New Jersey. Enlightened Solutions Detox is a drug and alcohol detox center, and we specialize in holistic methods of treatment. Here, not only will we help you come off of the drugs or alcohol safely, but we also have a clinical team who can help you get to the root of your addiction so you can begin recovering. We also have a rehabilitation program that you can transition to after detox if you need additional care. To learn more, call us today at 833-233-8336.

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