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Sober Living is the Key to Early Sobriety

There are people all over the world struggling to stay sober and don’t know why they can’t. One of the best options during this time of struggle is to move into a sober living home to begin creating a strong foundation for recovery. Whether you’re just getting out of detox or a drug rehab, sober living can help you stay on the right path. 

Returning Home After Detox

It’s common for people in early recovery to want to return home. You may live with your family, your spouse or even your friends, and you just want to get back to your normal life. The problem is that people don’t realize that their old life was one of their biggest triggers. Sometimes, the people you’re living with are why you continue to drink or use drugs. While this doesn’t mean it’s their fault that you drink or use, it can make it extremely difficult to stay sober. 

After returning from rehab, you may go home to a household in which people are still drinking or using drugs, so you’re surrounded by triggers. You may also be in a house where there’s a toxic living environment, and this can make it extremely difficult to stay sober as well. Although you may hope that once you return from rehab, your family will forgive you and allow you to move forward, this often isn’t the case. The healing process takes time, and going to a sober living can give you and your loved ones more time to heal. 

You might also be someone who lives alone, and this can often be worse than returning to a bad environment with others. One of the leading causes of relapse is isolation, and this is why it’s not a good idea to live by yourself after rehab. When you’re alone with your thoughts, it can turn into rumination, which then turns into intense cravings to drink or use. Without proper accountability, there’s no buffer between you and a relapse. 

What is a Sober Living Home?

There are many misconceptions about sober living, but it’s simply a home where you live with others who are in recovery. As you’ve already realized, it can be difficult not being around others who understand what you’re going through. In a sober living home, you’ll be with people who are on the same path as you. You can also rest assured that nobody in the house will be drinking or using drugs. 

In these homes, you will have some rules, but they’re in place to keep everyone in the house safe and sober. The structure also helps you begin regaining some responsibility to help set you up for success when you’re ready to move on to the next chapter of your life. By the time you move back home or move into your own place, you’ll be in a much better mindset to maintain your household as well as your life. 

The Support of a Sober Living

Something you learn detox centers, or in rehab, is how valuable it is to have the support of others, and that’s exactly what you get at a sober living home. The great part about living in one is that you’re not alone in your struggles. No matter how bad your day is, you know that you’ll be returning home to people who get what you’re dealing with. They’ll be there to lift you up on days when you’re feeling down, and in turn, you’ll be able to do the same. 

How long you decide to stay in a sober living home is completely up to you. Some people stay for a few months, and some decide to spend their entire first year of sobriety in the home. As you continue to grow in your recovery, you’ll be able to decide when it’s the right time to move to the next step in your journey. 

Enlightened Solutions not only has one of the best detox centers in New Jersey, but we also have sober living homes. We help people get through the withdrawal processes safely while also helping build a foundation for recovery. For more information about our detox program or sober living homes, call us today at 833-233-7336.


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