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The Power of a Hope Mindset

If you’ve been caught in the clutches of addiction, there’s a good chance you’ve felt hopeless. This is extremely common for those who battle the disease of addiction. It can be even worse when you’re someone who struggles with chronic relapse. After saying many times that you’re never going to drink or use again, you feel a little more hopeless each time you pick up again. Although this is a completely natural feeling, finding hope is one of the keys to staying sober, and one of the most famous studies in psychology proves it. 

Getting into the Mindset of Hope

Carol Dweck is a famous psychological researcher who has had her research referenced and duplicated thousands of times. Dweck started her research with children and wanted to learn more about what makes some children succeed and others don’t. What she found was two types of mindsets that separate children: a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. While a fixed mindset is one that makes you believe your abilities are set in stone, a growth mindset is one in which you believe you can improve your abilities. 

For example, children with a fixed mindset believe their intelligence is set in stone, which leads them to not trying as hard. Those with a growth mindset believe that if they work hard, they can learn new skills and improve their intelligence. What years of duplicated studies have shown us is that people with a growth mindset are more likely to succeed, and they’re also a lot more content with life. By using the growth mindset for your recovery, you’ll see that long-term sobriety is possible for you, too. 

Using the Growth Mindset for Recovery

When you suffer a relapse, it’s common to want to give up. Remember, the disease of addiction doesn’t want you to get better. It wants to keep you in the mindset that you’re an addict. One of the best ways you can get out of the fixed mindset and find hope is by using evidence to counteract those beliefs. When in treatment or attending 12-step meetings, you hear stories from people who were once just as hopeless as you may feel, but now they’re clean and sober. Recovery is possible for everyone, but it takes effort. 

What’s important to remember about the growth mindset is that it takes work. Even in 12-step programs, they say that faith without works is dead. While you may know that you can grow and stay clean, hope can only get you so far. Like the school children who learn they can improve their math skills by practicing, you too can improve your chances of recovery by putting in the work. 

Learn to Grow

No addict is hopeless, and every experience is an opportunity for you to grow. No matter how many times you’ve relapsed, recovery is possible. Take each relapse as a learning experience that you can grow from, and it will help improve your chances of sobriety in the future. If you’re struggling, there is help. Enlightened Solutions Detox can help you get on the right track and find opportunities to grow that will allow you to achieve long-term sobriety. To learn more about how our program can help you regain hope, call us today at 833-233-7336.

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