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Toms River NJ Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Studies Show Reiki Works as Complementary Therapy

If you live in Toms River NJ and a're a fan of practices like acupuncture and energy healing, you’ve probably seen listeners roll their eyes when you talked about it. Techniques range from controversial to clinically proven, but many can be helpful in treating mental and physical illnesses. Some innovative New Jersey rehab centers offer holistic programs that include various forms of energy healing.

The Science Behind Energy Medicine

In the late 1980s, researchers created the term “energy medicine” to define the way the body’s subtle energy system interacts with the organs and nervous system to promote wellness. A decade later, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) called it complementary and alternative medicine. Is energy medicine pseudoscience, or is there evidence to support the use of energy healing to complement traditional medicine?

A 2017 review of clinical studies says Reiki, a hands-on healing technique that promotes relaxation, shows promise as a “complementary health therapy.” Albert Szent-Györgyi, Hungarian biochemist and 1937 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine, describes it like this: “In every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

That’s what different types of energy healing do. They don’t “cure” illness, but they move energy through the body to enable it to heal.

Reiki and Rehab

When patients enter rehab, they’re often mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. Many people in Toms River NJ avoid getting clean from drugs or alcohol because it can be painful, and reiki practitioners say energy healing calms the mind and the body. Although patients may be reluctant at first, the tranquility that comes with the first treatment convinces most people of its benefits. Treatments also reduce the shakes that accompany withdrawal.

Reiki comes from the Japanese “rei” for spiritual awareness and “ki” for life energy. People are more vulnerable to illness when energy doesn’t flow freely, and Reiki removes the blockages. Everybody has a unique field of electromagnetic energy, and everyone reacts to Reiki differently. For some, it can feel like meditation. Others may experience feelings of warmth or security. It’s also not unusual for emotions to bring tears as stuck energy moves through the body.

How a Reiki Session Works

Reiki is a hands-on practice, but the hands can be lightly placed on the body or held just above. Patients, sitting in a chair or lying on a massage table, are fully clothed, and sessions are geared to individual needs. While Reiki is a spiritual practice, it is not connected to religion. The practice uses specific hand positions that can easily be learned for self-treatment.

Practitioners may combine a Reiki session with soothing music, deep breathing, aromatherapy, or other relaxation techniques. There are no risks to the patient and no negative effects on medications. The goal is to help rehab patients experience less pain, be less anxious, sleep better, and fight off cravings for alcohol or drugs.

Toms River NJ Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Whether you're searching for a Toms River NJ drug and alcohol rehab center or for a facility away from the distractions of home, a program that integrates traditional and complementary therapies goes an extra step of the way.

At Enlightened Solutions in Atlantic City, we offer 24/supervised medical care, counseling, and holistic detox. Contact our admissions team to start your road to recovery at a New Jersey rehab facility.

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