Creating a Soothing Environment

What to Bring to Enlightened Solutions Detox Near
Atlantic City, New Jersey

What to Bring

  • Seven (7) changes of clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Cigarettes. (Packs must be unopened; all open packs will not be allowed)
  • FDA-regulated e-cigarettes for outdoor use only (example: Juul)
  • Insurance cards
  • Photo identification
  • All non-narcotic prescribed medication (controlled substances will be destroyed)
  • MP3 player — as long as it has no Wi-Fi capabilities (example: iPod shuffle)
  • Instruments are welcome (example: guitar)
  • Cash or credit card for incidentals
  • room
  • bedroom
  • bathroom
  • bathroom 2
  • bedroom 2
  • bedroom 3
  • bedroom 4

    What NOT to Bring

    • NO cologne
    • NO perfume
    • NO mouthwash containing alcohol
    • NO pillows or blankets (all bedding will be provided)
    • NO vapes that require liquid or juice to refill
    • NO devices that have internet capability

    Ensuring Your Experience a Comfortable and Stress-Free Stay

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