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Your Struggle Makes You Stronger

Your Struggle Makes You Stronger

In recovery, it’s really easy to slip into a mindset of self-pity. When we first get sober, sometimes our expectations are far too high, and we think that life is just going to be handed to us on a silver platter. The reality is that for most people, early recovery is a struggle, and it takes time to get back all of the things they’ve lost. Whether it’s the job, money or even family and friends. Unfortunately, some people don’t have the ability to stay sober through these early struggles, but it’s important to know that these struggles are exactly what will make you stronger. 

The Importance of Early Recovery Struggles

A common issue people in recovery face is judging their insides by other peoples’ outsides. This means you’re comparing the state of your life to the life others who appear to be doing better. You may feel down because other people have the same clean time as you, and it seems like their much further ahead in life. When some of these people who are doing “better” than you relapse, it may leave you confused and wondering why. 

Often times, people who get too much back in their lives too soon don’t have the same appreciation as someone who has to struggle in their early recovery. You might be someone who isn’t receiving support from your family or friends, and you have to work hard for everything you get in your recovery, and this gives you a major advantage in your recovery. When you have to work hard for each accomplishment, you have a level of gratitude and pride that other people don’t have. 

When you speak with people who have a significant amount of clean time, you might be confused about how they say they’re grateful for the difficulties and challenges they faced in early recovery. Many of them lost everything. They didn’t have a car or license, so they had to take the bus or get rides from people. They may not have been able to interact with their family or even their children, but today they’re living an amazing life. These people look back at that time, and they often wouldn’t change it for the world because they know how much stronger it has made them. 

Can’t Hurt Me Mentality

One of the recent best-selling self-help books is one by a former Navy Seal, David Goggins, and it has the title Can’t Hurt Me. The reason for his title is that growing up, he faced a lot of challenges in his life, and he eventually accomplished his dream of becoming a Navy Seal. His whole mentality is that he’s been through so much in his life and pushed through every challenge that nothing can hurt him. This is the type of mindset that you can adapt to your life and your recovery as well. 

Although the adversity you face in your recovery may be difficult, each of these challenges is like adding a piece of armor. Every situation that you face and get through sober is proof that you can overcome just about anything. This allows you to face the world with a confidence that many people don’t have. You can look at the world and know that it can’t hurt you, and you know this because you’ve been through worse. As you continue on your path of recovery, you’ll face situations that would make some people relapse or have a mental break down, but not you. You’ve faced difficulties like these before, and you came out better, stronger and wiser on the other end. 

For some people, relapse does happen, but this is also something that you can use to make yourself more resilient as long as you’re willing to get help. If you need help getting back on the right track, give Enlightened Solutions a call today at 833-233-7336.

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