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Our Healing Philosophy

At Enlightened Solutions Detox, we truly believe that addiction is a disease, and only through treating the whole person can recovery be possible. Our team provides a holistic approach to healing by focusing on the body, mind and spirit throughout the entire detoxification and recovery process. As dedicated treatment professionals, we make your health and wellness our number-one concern, and we do everything in our power to ensure that you are taken care of to the highest degree.

How We Can Help

Our mission is to provide a comfortable and soothing healing environment paired with integrated holistic treatment plans in order to help our clients recover from their addiction. By focusing on bringing meaning and fulfilment into each individual’s life, we are able to invigorate the soul and create a calming and supportive community to help our clients throughout their recovery process. For more information on how we can help you throughout your journey, call us today.

Transforming Your View

When you’re battling addiction, it’s normal to feel like you’re trapped and are unable to find joy in everyday life. At Enlightened Solutions Detox, we believe that anybody can recover from their addiction through careful, transformative and supportive treatment methods that focus on your own self-worth and happiness. We offer programs and treatment options to help you escape the influence of drugs and alcohol so you can begin to enjoy your life once more.

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