Range Of Medical Services

  • As part of the intake process patients are greeted by a registered nurse to begin your medical treatment plan from the moment you walk through the doors
  • 24/7 medical care and supervision
  • Physician and Nurse Practitioner on call 24/7
  • Medical Director reviews all labs in order to develop a comprehensive medical treatment plan
    • Including coordination of care with your primary care physician and other treatment providers
  • Individualized detox protocols
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) provided
    • Including Suboxone and Vivitrol

Making You Comfortable

Our medical, clinical and behavioral health technicians are here to walk you through your treatment process.

We ensure that every patient feels comfortable and safe within our facility. We offer one-on-one consultations with APN’s and nursing staff, as well as medical groups to help you better understand your detox and stabilization process.

We offer 24-hour medically supervised services for withdrawals and are available to offer comfort medication when needed.

Offering Dietary Options

We are happy to offer a fully organic menu for each of our clients to ensure that they receive the healthiest options available. We are able to cater to a wide variety of dietary needs including food restrictions and allergies.

We’re On Your Side

At Enlightened Solutions Detox, we understand how hard it is to overcome an addiction, which is why we do our best to supply you with the greatest possible treatment options available that make it easier to succeed.

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