What should I bring with me?

Check out a list of items that you should remember to bring here.

What To Bring

  • Seven (7) changes of clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Cigarettes. (Packs must be unopened; all open packs will not be allowed)
  • FDA-regulated e-cigarettes for outdoor use only (example: Juul)
  • Insurance cards
  • Photo identification
  • All non-narcotic prescribed medication (controlled substances will be destroyed)
  • MP3 player — as long as it has no Wi-Fi capabilities (example: iPod shuffle)
  • Instruments are welcome (example: guitar)
  • Cash or credit card for incidentals

What NOT To Bring

  • NO cologne
  • NO perfume
  • NO mouthwash containing alcohol
  • NO pillows or blankets (all bedding will be provided)
  • NO vapes that require liquid or juice to refill
  • NO devices that have internet capability

Do you offer family therapy?

We do offer family support and sessions, however, in most cases, they are done over the phone. It is important to remember that patients are treated on an individualized basis and family involvement can vary.

What happens after Detox?

Plans for each patient are created on an individualized basis. In most cases, Enlightened Solutions Detox recognizes detox as the beginning of the treatment process and not the end. We also offer free alumni engagement and follow up including events, outcomes, support, meetings and anything you may need from our alumni staff to ensure continued support in your recovery.

What if I have food allergies?

We offer a fully organic menu prepared by a chef daily. That said, we will cater to most dietary restrictions. Our team of experienced treatment professionals will confirm your individual situation prior to admission.

Do you offer case management services?

YES! We offer extensive after care planning, legal follow up including probation, employment, FMLA (family medical leave act, and government assistance if you qualify. Reasonable accommodations will be made on a per-patient basis.

What if I have legal issues?

Our clinical team will work with you to provide assistance in ensuring your legal matter do not go unaddressed while in treatment.

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